Friday, February 25, 2011

The Paris Short Story Contest announces the Shortlist !

is pleased to announce 
has finished reading the 141 submissions from all over the world.

Stories by the following authors have been shortlisted :

Aisling Smith
Alice K. Boatwright
AM. Garner
Bob Levy
Cathy Altman Nocquet
Christine Collette
Christopher Clark
Claire Thiollent
Cynthia Tuttelman
Elizabeth Joseph Brahy
Gareth Hughes
Gwyneth Hughes
Haminuddin Mohd. Derus
Hillary Andujar
J.K. Dane
Jane Verwijs
Jeannine Alter
Jessica Chen
Jim Archibald
Jo Nguyen
Josepha Gutelius
Julia Lichtblau
Julia Mary Lichtblau
Karen Uhlmann
Landa Wo
Laure Fournier
Linda Blitstein
Lisa Burkitt
Louise Thunin
Marie Houzelle
Marin Shannahan
Martin Raim
Mary Byrne
Nafkote Tamirat
Nina Atkinson
Nuala Ní Chonchúir
Sarah Towle
Sion Dayson
Suzanne Kamata
Virginia Gilbert
Wes Lee

The shortlisted stories will now go to the twelve finalist judges.
Many thanks to all the writers who shared their stories with us, and to our hard-working Editorial Committee members who read them with great care.

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  1. I am on the short list and am also planning a trip to Paris in the Fall. If possible, I would like to come at the time of any Short Story Contest events (no matter the outcome of the contest - I love a celebration). Do you have any idea of the timing of upcoming contest/publishing events? Merci d'avance.