Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best Paris Story Judge Anne Korkeakivi At WH SMITH Bookstore in Paris Tonight

May 31, 2012 : Anne Korkeakivi will present her novel An Unexpected Guest at WH SMITH.

“A beautifully modulated first novel… Korkeakivi produces a knowing comedy of manners, a politically charged thriller and a genuinely moving study of the human heart.”

- Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“…Moving between the starched-napkin ambience of high-level diplomacy and urgent questions of revolutionary activity, this engaging debut novel gently probes both without forcing insurmountable choices on its characters.”
- Barbara Hoffert, in Library Journal

“Surprising…depth and magnitude… Korkeakivi fluidly fuses the past and the present…powerfully exploring whether redemption from past regrets is possible and the lengths one must go to attain it.”
- Publisher’s Weekly, pick of the week

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