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ISBN-13: 978-0982369852

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For some, Paris is home, for others, merely a dream. For Gaston, it is a bench, the anchor of his life. For Sue, a romantic city filled with scandalous, dark-eyed men, for Frank an all-consuming fire, for Mme Santinelli a ghost she'd hoped to forget. By turns humorous, bittersweet, historical or surreal, each of these carefully selected stories invites us to explore a different facet of Paris.

BEST PARIS STORIES brings together the winning short stories of the 2011 Paris Short Story Contest with works by Jeannine Alter, Bob Levy, Lisa Burkitt, Nafkote Tamirat, Marie Houzelle, Jo Nguyen, Julia Mary Lichtblau, Mary Byrne, Marie Houzelle, Jane M. Handel, and Jim Archibald.

"Exciting new voices from the winners of the 2011 Paris Short Story Contest" - Paris Writers News

Paris speaks to her each of her lovers with a different voice meant just for them.. Now in this rich compendium of stories, we get touching glimpses of those voices, one by one, reminding us that Paris remains true to herself. -Frances Gendlin, author of Paris, Moi and the Gang

"Funny or wrenching, get ready to be moved by this literary feast" - Lizzie Harwood, Paris writer and editor

available now on Kindle USAKindle FranceKindle UK and elsewhere. 

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