Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paris Short Story Contest announces titles of winning stories

We are delighted to announce that the judges have made their selection in the Paris Short Story Contest.

The following stories will be published next fall in The Best Paris Stories:

"A Pinch of Tarragon" by Lisa Burkitt

"Brazzaville" by Jo Nguyen

"Désolée, Monsieur" by Julia Mary Lichtblau

"Frank stands his ground, in Belleville" by Mary Byrne

"Hortense on Tuesday Night" by Marie Houzelle

"May" by Marie Houzelle

"My Sunday with God" by Bob Levy

"Our Pharmacy" by Nafkote Tamirat

"That Summer, with my Dad, in Paris" by Jeannine Alter

"The Baker of Vaugirard" by Jim Archibald

"The way you looked at me" by Jane M. Handel


  1. There are only 11 titles listed. Looking forward to seeing the 12th too!

  2. Only 11 stories selected and 2 of the same author.

  3. AprilinParis, Jennie, The title should say 11 stories instead of 12 to avoid this confusion.

    There were many fine stories deserving of publication. We are looking into the possibility of acknowledging the quality of stories that were not selected.

    Best Wishes,

    Laurel Zuckerman
    Editor, Best Paris Stories
    Paris Writers News