Monday, July 25, 2011

Announcing the Paris Short Story Cover Contest…

Calling artists and graphic designers…

Help us create the front cover for the ebook of  BEST PARIS STORIES!

The winners of the Paris Short Story Contest have been selected, the book is nearly ready. Only one thing remains: the cover.

The winning submission will receive 100 euros and see his/her creation used as the official cover for the BEST PARIS STORIES ebook, on Kindle, Ipad, Nook, Sony, etc…

Attention: BEST PARIS STORIES comes out this fall. The deadline is short.

Submission guidelines

Title: Best Paris Stories
See Paris Short Story website for more information-- list of authors, titles and judges)        
Format: JPG
 Dimensions front cover : 5 x 8 in or 203 x 127 mm*
Minimum Resolution : 300 dpi
Maximum file size: 20 MB per image. (Large files risk rejection by email servers)
Filename : should be your name.
Rights: You must own the rights to all images submitted and be  willing to authorize display of your submission  as will as a release for use in BEST PARIS STORIES.
You should also obtain a release for any recognizable person in any photograph
Send JPG file, to, put “Cover Contest” as the subject

·         Best cover wins 100 € and will be used for the BEST PARIS STORIES ebook

·        Deadline for submissions:  30 September 2011.

*Artists of shortlisted covers will receive specifications for the BEST PARIS STORIES paperback cover, with template including front, back and spine.

·     Shortlisted covers and Honorable Mentions will be featured on our website and social media.

Story summaries (for inspiration)

“The Pharmacy” – Ruled by someone else’s whims and habits, a man opens a black-market pharmacy looking towards the day he may break free.

“May” – A married woman flirts with her professor with help from Henry James.

Brazzaville” – Raised amid unrelenting praise for the French, a man finds himself a Congolese refugee in Paris.

“A Pinch of Tarragon” – Meek Sophie’s monotonous routine as a waitress changes when she encounters a man who teaches her to appreciate food, and thus, life.

“Desolée Monsieur” – After the death of his father, a young man returns to Paris to reclaim his ancestral apartment.

“Frank Stands His Ground in Belleville” – Frank considers the value of things in his life as his apartment building goes up in flames.

“Hortense on Tuesday Night” – A group of women meet weekly to discuss intellectual matters, frivolous things, and their lovers until the glamorous Hortense upsets their routine.

“The Way You Looked At Me” – A newcomer to Paris unknowingly disarms men with her smile

“The Baker of Vaugirard” – A bench in the Tuilieries anchors a man’s life. 

"That Summer With My Dad, In Paris” – An adolescent girl, jaded since the death of her mother, travels to Paris with her father. 

"My Sunday with God"

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